Executive Profiles

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Jack_PietroJACK PIETRO, Vice President / CO-OWNER

Jack Pietro has been involved in the creation and development of Phoenix Painting Company from the beginning. He has assembled a complex knowledge of the painting business through extensive training and hands-on experience.

Jack plays a critical leadership role in the company’s 7.5-million-dollar annual operations by close partnership with his employees in estimating job costing, marketing strategies, accounting and legal matters, project management, project execution, customer service, and project close-outs.

Since 1974, Jack has never failed to complete a project within its deadline. All the while maintaining an award-winning professional work force to ensure the foremost quality of customer satisfaction: “We are in the service industry to serve and professional quality service is what we offer.”

Jack Pietro is an extraordinary leader in the current commercial painting, special coatings, and wall covering industry. Throughout the last three decades, Jack has evolved the business to follow the professional coating industry’s research and development of today’s current products. These service upgrades include the use of high-build acrylics, elastomeric, high-performance stains, clear coatings, textured coatings, multi-color coatings, advanced alkyds, epoxies, synthetic and Venetian plaster, low V.O.C. green products, commercial vinyl and fabric wall coverings, dry-erase presentation boards and digital image wall coverings.

Jack has lived in the Fort Lauderdale area since 1973. He enjoys the local fare, boating, sports and community projects. His hobbies include classic, vintage and exotic automobiles, wine collecting, travel and interior design and reconstruction.

Through Phoenix Painting Company, Jack has partnered with local charities, including Children in Distress, Women in Distress, The United Way, The Historical Society, Boys & Girls Club, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society to give back to the community he lives.

Jack Pietro is a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors Association, the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, the Construction Association of South Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and the Sons of Italy Foundation.

Jack is married to Kimberly and has one daughter.


Paul Avny manages the estimator responsibilities at Phoenix Painting. He plays a critical role in defining and projecting Phoenix Go to Market plan. The accuracy of his job helps the company participate in large bid deals effectively and profitably. It also helps office staff and painters better understand the work scope to coordinate project deadlines appropriately.

Prior to his current role at Phoenix, Paul worked on his design-built construction company in Connecticut and has performed design and construction work in east Europe countries quite successfully.

His favorite hobby is general aviation and he holds a passion for sports specially tennis and biking.

Paul Avny holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Tel- Aviv, Israel and a Master Degree from the University of Connecticut.

He is married to Ada and has 3 kids.