Green Products and Solutions

We at Phoenix Painting are not followers in changing to a much more green solution; we are the leaders in this endeavor. We have implemented more green and zero V.O.C. products in our operations than many other painting companies and can provide our customers with a list of products that we use on each and every job.

Interior / Exterior Painting

A professional high quality paint system installation can enhance the appearance of your building, workplace, or your business significantly, whether it is an interior or exterior project. We work directly with our customers, architects, interior designers and construction Companies.

Dry Erase Presentation Wall Coverings

Dry Erase Presentation wall covering provides an innovative, low-cost, durable option for offices, schools, hospitals, etc. It can transform any smooth surface into a high-performance, dry-erase writing surface. It also serves as a low-cost replacement for old and worn-out dry-erase boards and chalkboards.

Digital Imaging Wall Coverings

Digital imaging is a powerful technology that provides ultimate freedom of expression in wall covering designs. No matter what the application is – commercial, institutional, branding, retail or hospitality – with digital imaging you can turn any vision, picture, or moment into a wall covering reality.

Wood Finishing and Refinishing

Fine architectural wood finishing and refinishing is one of our specialties. Years of experience in this area enables us to custom mix our own stains and glazes to meet your specific requirements, insuring the finest quality in craftsmanship and 100% customer satisfaction.

Faux Finishes

We are specialists in faux finishes for a variety of surfaces. With our support you can rejuvenate the look of your painting project with an array of exquisite faux painting techniques. We can breathe life back into outdated surfaces, and add richness, drama, depth, and texture to your plain old flat walls and ceilings.

Electrostatic Painting

With the use of a specially formulated polyurethane enamel paint, the Electrostatic Painting process is perfect for on-site painting of metal and aluminum surfaces such as window mullions, manufacturing equipment and machinery, metal desks and cabinets. Due to the unique application process, adjacent surfaces are safe from overspray.

Texture Coating

Texture coating is an excellent investment. It reduces the need for frequent exterior repainting and can be truly transformational. It can be applied to tilt walls, stucco / masonry substrates.

Duraplex Wall Texturing

DURAPLEX is a continuously processed acrylic sheet that is up to 10 times stronger than general-purpose acrylic, 30 times stronger than double-strength window glass, and 50 times stronger than polished wire glass or other glasses. An economical alternative to polycarbonate, DURAPLEX boasts greater weatherability and thermoforming properties. DURAPLEX is available in custom impact blends and is offered in a range of thicknesses, widths, colors, and patterns.

High Performance Floors

High performance floor coatings are perfect for high-traffic production and processing areas, including machine shops, textile and plastics facilities, automobile dealerships, warehouses, and more. It creates a clean, safe work environment that increases productivity and lowers maintenance costs.